Relax and revitalize with our various massages, effective in reducing tension, enhancing healing and balancing the natural flow of energy and rhythm throughout the body. Massage helps to heal tight muscles, sports injuries, migraines, general aches and pains, and relieve many emotional issues including stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, leaving us feeling balanced, lighter and more physically aligned. Massage also helps to reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and increase flexibility and range of motion.

Besides these, massage also helps to rejuvenate from within due to its relaxing experience, reducing tiredness, detoxifying and cleansing deeply, eventually resulting in healthy glowing skin. It also reduces and reverse aging and leaves you feeling young, fresh & energetic.

Choose from variety of massages we offer to suit your need, or let us help you choose if you wish.


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* Additional Rs.300 for Body massages with cream

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